The Stupidity Of Socialism… In Memes (4 Memes)

Hard times create Capitalists. Capitalists create good times  Good times create Socialists. Socialists create hard times.


When you’re a Woke Socialist, but then you start paying income taxes…


The USA is the only country without {insert Socialist program here}.

Founding Fathers: Yah, that’s sort of the whole point!

I crossed 90 miles of shark infested, hurricane ridden ocean at night, on a raft I made out of water bottles to escape… Free Market Capitalism… said no one, ever!

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Trump Just Can’t Stop Winning… In Memes (4 Memes)

Look at me… I’m the President now!


New Rasmussen poll finds twice as many young people think African Americans are doing better now than under Obama’s last year in office!


Time to upset the liberals with a Tweet!


Maybe he’s born with it… maybe it’s “Covfefe”

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Black People Don’t Have To Be Democrats

Black people don’t have to be Democrats. Democrats: Oh yes they do!

Singer songwriter Chance The Rapper tweeted “Black people don’t have to be Democrats,” in support of his friend Kanye West. Kanye and Chance have both been brutally attacked by liberal celebrities and the African American community for thinking unthinkable, indefensible thoughts – such as conservatism and capitalism. Kanye recently gave a should out to several conservative pundits including Candace Owens, Scott Adams, Charlie Kirk and Jordan Peterson.

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