Who Has Less Common Sense Than A 10 Year Old?

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After 18 years of education, most graduate students have less common sense than the average 10 year old.

Don’t believe me? A 10 year old instinctively knows these facts:

Killing an unborn child is disgusting and immoral.

Men and women are inherently different.

A man can’t become a woman and a woman can’t become a man.

Taking other people’s money and giving it to people who choose not to work is stealing.

Anyone who walks around with a black mask and club and tries to beat people up that they disagree with is a bully.

Now ask any of these questions to anyone with a masters degree in Gender Studies.

Point goes to ten year olds.

Black People Don’t Have To Be Democrats

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Black people don’t have to be Democrats. Democrats: Oh yes they do!

Singer songwriter Chance The Rapper tweeted “Black people don’t have to be Democrats,” in support of his friend Kanye West. Kanye and Chance have both been brutally attacked by liberal celebrities and the African American community for thinking unthinkable, indefensible thoughts – such as conservatism and capitalism. Kanye recently gave a should out to several conservative pundits including Candace Owens, Scott Adams, Charlie Kirk and Jordan Peterson.