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  • AOC Memes (10 memes)
    If you offer me a penny for my thoughts... I’ll have to give you change back   I support our veterans. They keep our pets healthy.   Bread goes in. Toast comes out. Where does the bread go?   My sister doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl. I don’t know if I’m going to be an aunt or an uncle.   When you get off the plane in Venezuela... and you can’t seem to find the Socialist utopia that you were expecting.   Why are buffalo wings so small... when buffalos are so big?   Have you accepted the state as your Lord and savior?   Never let someone who has done nothing... tell you how to do anything.   How do they get the “Keep off the grass” sign on the grass?   Noting is built in America these days  I just bought a T. V. and it said “Built in Antenna.” I don’t even know where that is!   And finally... Blonds are...
  • Hilarious Joe Biden Memes (13 Memes)
    Peruse and enjoy the following Joe Biden Memes! MSM raising the Joe Biden at Ewo Jima Joe Biden: Russian meddling wouldn't have happened under my watch! You were the Vice President when it happened!   Joe Biden in Driving Ms. Crazies Turn Left! No, Hard Left!   Spangler candies to offer limited edition Joe Biden Sweethearts for Valentines Day.   Mexican word of the day: Biden "Help! This gringo is Biden my ear!"   ...We'll just call them racist, sexist, greedy, islamophobic, xenophobic or clingers!   Pay no attention to the Far Left Radicals behind the curtain!   Biden: We had the lowest blank unemployment numbers in history! Obama: No Joe, that was Trump. Biden: We created opportunity zones in communities with high levels of poverty! Obama: No Joe, that was Trump. Biden: We restored and increased funding to historical black colleges and universities! Obama: No Joe, that was Trump. ...
  • Hilarious Trump Impeachment Memes (8 Memes)
    Try to impeach this!   Impeachment? Ha Ha Ha... You nutjobs couldn't even stop me from winning your rigged election!   Trying to find the part of the constitution where "Cuz I hate him!" is grounds for impeachment.   You can't impeach him if he's "Not Your President!"   What if I told you impeachment doesn't mean automatic removal from office.   If Trump is impeached, Pence becomes President. Pence pardons Trump and appoints him Vice President. Pence resigns. Trump becomes President and appoints Pence as his Vice President. Liberal heads explode!   I think you should be impeached. I didn't know you could do that. What? Impeach? No... Think!   And finally...   That moment you realize that the Democrats "Impeachment Inquiry" means you're definitely getting reelected in 2020!  
  • The Stupidity Of Socialism... In Memes (4 Memes)
    Hard times create Capitalists. Capitalists create good times  Good times create Socialists. Socialists create hard times.   When you’re a Woke Socialist, but then you start paying income taxes...   The USA is the only country without {insert Socialist program here}. Founding Fathers: Yah, that’s sort of the whole point! I crossed 90 miles of shark infested, hurricane ridden ocean at night, on a raft I made out of water bottles to escape... Free Market Capitalism... said no one, ever!
  • Trump "Total Acquittal" Impeachment Memes (10 Memes)
    On Wednesday, February 5th, the Senate acquitted Donald Trump of all Impeachment charges. In celebration, we give you these... Impeachment Acquittal memes...   Wahh!   Democrats, the test results are back... and Donald Trump IS your daddy!   For Sale: Gold impeachment pen. Only used once. Didn't work.   Hi Nancy. I'm on my way to sign Trump's acquittal papers. Do you have any more of those fancy gold pens?   Dear Nancy, I'm still President, but you can rip these papers up if it makes you feel better. Love Donald     So... we can't impeach Trump for what I did?   Merry Acquitmas!   Acquitted   Impeach Trump! Before we all end up with Jobs.   Sorry, I just thought it was a copy of the Constitution.   You can find more hilarious Impeachment memes here...  
  • Democratic Socialism - where you vote to give up your rights. True Lies And Democratic Socialism (3 Memes)
  • When They Say “I’m Here To Take Your Guns“, I Be Like... (3 Memes)
      Yes in fact, I am here to take your guns. Say when... e. g.: Tommy Robinson
  • Antifa - Behind The Mask
    The men (boys) behind the mask. My mom says I have to clean my room and won't let me go to next week's protest.
  • You Cannot Withstand The Storm
    The Deep State whispered to President Donald Trump, "You cannot withstand the storm." The president whispered back, "I am the storm!"
  • I haven’t seen Democrats this mad since Republicans freed their slaves. I Haven’t Seen Democrats This Mad Since...