Jim Accoster

Jim Accoster

Trying to end another rude and irrelevant series of questions directed at President Donald Trimp, a female White House intern attempted to take the mic  from CNN’s Jim Acosta. Video evidence shows Acosta swatted the intern’s arm while maintaining his death grip on the mic. This lead Secret Service to remove Acosta’s “hard pass”  press credentials. It also earned Jim the nickname  Jim Accoster.

Happy Birthday Mr. President… In Memes (6 Memes)

Happy Birthday President Trump!


Time to trade those free phones in for alarm clocks!

Job numbers are up, unemployment is down. People are back to work! Thank you Mr. President!


Draining the swamp. Obliterating the Deep State. Just another day at the office.


In Singapore, negotiating for world peace. Meanwhile in Hollywood… F*ck Trump!


Thug Life!


June 14. Wishing Donald Trump a very Happy Birthday!

Trump Just Can’t Stop Winning… In Memes (4 Memes)

Look at me… I’m the President now!


New Rasmussen poll finds twice as many young people think African Americans are doing better now than under Obama’s last year in office!


Time to upset the liberals with a Tweet!


Maybe he’s born with it… maybe it’s “Covfefe”