AOC Memes (10 memes)

If you offer me a penny for my thoughts… I’ll have to give you change back


I support our veterans. They keep our pets healthy.


Bread goes in. Toast comes out. Where does the bread go?


My sister doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl. I don’t know if I’m going to be an aunt or an uncle.


When you get off the plane in Venezuela… and you can’t seem to find the Socialist utopia that you were expecting.


Why are buffalo wings so small… when buffalos are so big?


Have you accepted the state as your Lord and savior?


Never let someone who has done nothing… tell you how to do anything.


How do they get the “Keep off the grass” sign on the grass?


Noting is built in America these days  I just bought a T. V. and it said “Built in Antenna.” I don’t even know where that is!


And finally…

Blonds are now telling Alexandria Ocasión-Cortez jokes


You Might Be A Liberal If… (Five Memes)

If you think the party that freed the slaves are the racist ones… you might be a Liberal.


If you don’t trust the police or government, but you think they should be the only ones to have guns…you might be a Liberal.


If you find yourself defending MS13 gang members … you might be a Liberal.


If you’re more concerned about Islamophobia than stopping terrorism… you might be a Liberal.


If you think it’s wrong to cut down a tree, but okay to kill a baby… you might be a Liberal.

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Father’s Day Memes

When she gives you a Father’s Day card, but all you wanted were memes!


Happy Father’s Day gentlemen. We appreciate everything you do! Please enjoy these memes as a token of our appreciation!


Happy Father’s Day. Oh… you didn’t know?


Dad, you’ve always been like a father to me.


Happy Father’s Day! How come nobody ever says…

Hey daddy, thanks for knocking out this rent! I sure love this hot water! It’s easy to read with all this light!


A home-made Father’s Day gift from your kids seems nice…

Until you remember that kids in other countries make Air Jordans and iPhones!


I know a good dad when I see one…


When mothers are alone with their babies…

vs. when fathers are alone with their babies.


Who said men can’t multitask?


I leave my husband with the baby for ten minutes…


Asked my husband how everything was going, and he sends me this…


Now that I’m in my 30s, I love Father’s Day!

I don’t have kids. I don’t even have a girlfriend. But all the stuff I want goes on sale!


Your son wants to spend Father’s Day with you.

Hold on, I’m arguing on Reddit about how I’m the world’s best dad.