Did You Know That An Unborn Baby’s Heart Is Beating At 22 Days?

If we’re pronounced dead when our heart stops, why aren’t we pronounced alive when our heart starts?

Another Red State Meme War original.

We’ve actually gotten some slack from pro-life conservatives for this meme. Their argument, of course, is that life starts at conception, not at 22 days. And you know what? We totally agree.

The intention here is to highlight the amazing fact that an unborn baby’s heart is beating at 22 days. That’s just three weeks after conception. Many women don’t even know they’re pregnant at this point.

The good news is that facts are clearly on the pro-life side. With the ready availability of 4D and HD ultrasounds, the acceptance of abortion is falling.

I’ve had discussions with pro-choice advocates about when life begins. I ask them if they would agree that life begins when a baby’s heart starts beating. Many will readily agree, assuming it’s much later in pregnancy. It’s amusing to watch them squirm when they learn it begins at 22 days.

We hope this meme gives people something to think about, and it certainly isn’t intended to be the final word on when life starts.

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